Registration: Multiple Dog Household Part 1

Multiple Dog Household – Part 1:   Next Class Begins June 22, 2013   [REGISTER!]

Price: Course only – $79.00
A DVD of all the film clips is available for an additional $20.00 + S&H

CEU’s available: IAABC 15 CEU’s ~ CPDT: 15 CEU’s

Have you ever wished you could control your pack of dogs?
Have you ever wished that they wouldn’t all run you over at the door?
Have you ever wished that they all exhibited some self-control?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then this online class is for you!

Can’t figure out how this would work? Below is a Page Map

Course Description:

Part One Uses:

  1. Door etiquette – going outside, inside .
  2. Loading in vehicle – from home, from play.
  3. Group feeding – treats or dinner.
  4. Group anything – grooming, attention, any activity that you do with all of your dogs.
  5. Helps with stays in general – for agility, for competition, for water work, for anything you can think up!
  6. Really teaches the dog to listen for their own name.
  7. Helps with dogs that think all of the food/toys/resources are theirs.
  8. Helps to teach the dogs self-control.

This is the way it will work:

  • There are a total of 15 lessons, along with 19 video clips. I will be spreading these out over a 30 day period.
  • Each lesson will include text and a video clip(s).
  • You will have a total of 40 days to come back to the site to re- read and watch the video clips.
  • You will be able to post questions, problems or comments to the blog. I will be monitoring the blog and will answer all questions as soon as possible.
  • Because dog training is such a visual thing, I encourage you to video tape yourselves and your dogs if you are having a problem, post it to and then add you link in comments so we can all look at it and discuss it.
  • You may purchase the DVD compilation via paypal for $20.00 + S&H at any time.

Legalese: I would ask that you all not share your notes with anyone outside of your own household, nor copy the DVD to pass around to your friends. All of my information, whether in film or in writing is copyrighted and may not be used without written permission.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is NOT for households where there are dogs that are already aggressive toward each other and already have to be managed with gates and doors, etc.

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What students are saying about Managing the Multiple Dog Household ONLINE CLASS, Part One:

This is a great medium for those of us that don’t have a close place to learn positive training. Thank you and you will see me in the future. I plan to do the second one. I will also be ordering the video. ~ D.J.

The lesson materials and instructions are very clear and well paced, the right push for me to get off my butt and do the workouts, thank you. ~ S. C.

Pam–Thank you! We learned so much! Things around our house are MUCH calmer. I now have very practical, easy to implement strategies I can use to get the dogs’ attention and ask for appropriate behaviors. I think even the dogs are impressed with their new manners. I’m looking forward to part 2! ~ Bianca

Thanks for this course. I like how you broke down the behaviours into small, manageable bits that we could teach a little at a time. I also liked that you kept the videos very short and that you used dogs that weren’t perfect little angels! What you showed us is dog training in real life and I really appreciated that….

…I’ve really enjoyed the course; I love the way that it was presented in manageable pieces, and I love your teaching style. I will be signing up for Part 2. Thank you. ~ Sharon

I think this is a really well-structured course. Some of the exercises I have trained already and others I still need to work on. This is the first online course I’ve ever done and I wanted to see what the course was like, as well as hopefully pick up some new ideas for dealing with my multi-dog household (which I did). Thank you very much. I’ve recommended this course on my Facebook wall and also to a group of South Australian positive trainers. I’ll definitely be back for part 2. ~ Leandra

I will say that the course is great. My schedule has been more than nuts and having the lessons cover small bits at a time is helpful. I wondered how an online dog training course would work and I have to say it works very well.

And I’m getting my dogs to go out or go eat one at a time!!!! Still working on going inside one at a time….we’ll get there…. Thanks so much.~ Barb

Thank you so much for offering this course. I really learned a lot and things are much more manageable at our house. I liked the online format. This is a much needed course that would be impossible to teach as a group class, so this was an excellent option. The only skill we haven’t quite gotten is the drop but we’ll get there. See you in Part 2! ~ Julia